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Director: Filomena Marta
Periodicidade: Semanal


PET Courrier is an organ of great information dedicated to themes of animals: wild or domestic whether in nature or in captivity (especially in circuses, zoos, research labs), puppy mills, fur farms and livestock, animals intended for shows and human entertainment, like bullfighting, and all activities and issues that are somehow related to animals.

The focus of PET Courrier is the dissemination and sensitization for animal protection, cruelty against animals and animal rights, concerning domestic animals (including homeless or abandoned pets), livestock or wild animals.

PET Courrier dedicates special attention to cases of cruelty to pets, including dogs and cats without prejudice to other species.

PET Courrier intends to have a structure between a newspaper and a magazine, with international and national news sections and a set of themes such as opinion space, chronicles, in depth articles, reportage, interviews, documents, analysis, essays, veterinary, animal protection and animals at risk, having also an area of national and international legislation.

PET Courrier is not speciesist and do not distinguish between species, all entitled to a decent existence, free from suffering.

In the PET  Courrier format  belong all news of humans who abuse animals, but also  humans who save animals.

Observing a significant amount of scattered news related to animals, and being patent the growing interest and concern for animals and their well-being on the part of populations worldwide, including Portugal, it became clear the need for an organ of communication that would gather all these information, functioning as a kind of information center.

PET Courrier also intends to exist as a denunciation base for cases of neglect, ill-treatment and cruelty to animals, offering forms of contact and a telephone number for urgent contact.

PET Courrier is developing in parallel the creation of a solidarity-based non-profit organization, the Fund in support of Private Protectors of Animals (FAPPA), meant help the many dozens of individual persons, not related to Animal Protection associations, that directly protect dogs and cats abandoned or homeless, without any support and depending on just their goodwill and private financial investment.

PET Courrier begins with an electronic platform, in the form of Website, but we want to grow and go on print, in a hybrid format of magazine/newspaper, and going as soon as possible to the TV platform.

PET Courrier is registered mark since 2012 at the National Institute of Intellectual Property (INPI) and the IGAC (General Inspection of cultural activities).

PET Courrier is an idea and a format designed by Filomena Marta (Filomena Alexandra Marta da Silva).



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