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Director: Filomena Marta
Periodicidade: Semanal

Editorial 4



Those who deal closely with animal protection see every day the email inbox and social networking pages flooded with calls about animals at risk, abandoned to their fate in the streets, hungry, ill or victims of neglect or cruelty of their owners: people who are supposed to protect their animals and take care of them, but instead make their life a living hell.


For anyone who cares, whether or not an animal protector begins the ordeal of walls of ineffectiveness and even indifference on the part of the authorities, usually the police, but also the municipal veterinary authorities.

We have three days to the entry into force of the law that will punish the mistreatment of animals and many people are already counting the days, on the hope that their grievances will finally be heard. Don't be surprised if law enforcement authorities start receiving dozens of reports of cases of abuse or neglect against animals.

The last desperate plea is for a dog of an elderly man appointed as rapist, bearer of an anklet monitor. Without family, alcoholic and living under house arrest, this man has a dog considered very sweet, medium sized and around eight years old, that every day is beaten by this individual, resident in Gaia, in the district of Porto. The reports state that the animal screams when is beaten, the neighbors call the police, but that "nothing happens".

The appeal also reveals that the animal lives in chains and that only eats and drinks water because the neighbors take care of him, sneaking food and water in out of the owner’s eyes.

This animal is chained in an open country, without vaccines, de-worming and full of ticks and was baptized by the person who tries to save him as Bento (Benedict), "so faith can help us help him".

A "request for urgent help" that is repeated throughout the year for so many different cases. With the same urgency that animals have for a law that may finally give them the minimal protection they deserve.

UPDATE: We have been informed that this animal has already been rescued and is now recovering from the abuses. 

Filomena Marta



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