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Director: Filomena Marta
Periodicidade: Semanal

Editorial 5



Photo translation: Mistreating animals is already a crime in Portugal – October 1st 2014


It comes into force today, October 1st 2014, the new law for the protection of animals.
It has been a long and rocky path. The discussion in Parliament was strong, but the new law that criminalises the mistreatment of animals turned out to be approved, although the CDS party managed to keep bullfighting, circuses and cattle industry outside the law.


For now, it is a breakthrough in animal protection in Portugal, a nation with sad tradition of animal abuse and neglect, which has so far remained unpunished and, even worse, denouncing didn't have much receptivity on the part of police authorities.

The last communication from the PSP (Public Security Police) in their Facebook gives some hope that things are really changing, because this security force unveiled its own poster on the criminalization of the mistreatment of animals.


Photo translation: animal abandonment is a crime; an animal is not a toy, feels hunger, thirst, cold and fear


Although there hasn’t been a change in the status of the animal in the Civil Code, where it is still equated with "thing", fortunately the Penal Code already sees the change registered as public crime, at the same time the FBI declares the mistreatment of animals as "crimes against society".

A fight that must be carried on day by day, hour by hour, with iron fist and unwavering desire to protect the most fragile beings in our society and that they are recognized unequivocally in their sentience, i.e. their ability to feel.

Because as the PSP says, quite rightly, in their commendable initiative, "an animal is not a toy, feels hunger, thirst, cold and fear".

Today is October 1st 2014 ... and it is the 1st day of the actual change of fate of animals in Portugal.


Filomena Marta


Photo: Basta de Touradas; PSP



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