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Director: Filomena Marta
Periodicidade: Semanal

Editorial 7



Weird sensibilities on social networks


There are dozens of appeals on Facebook of many dozens of homeless animals, or abandoned to their fate by people without soul or conscience.

Most are common European cats, the vulgar stray cat, A more or less beautiful kitty, more or less young. But there are also appeals for dogs, mostly SRD, i.e. of Undefined Breed, the common Mutt.

There are animals that spend long months waiting for adoption. There are cases in which they spend years.

There are appeals that are repeatedly posted without a single share. There is total indifference.

The same happens with the ads placed for adoption on the sites suitable for this purpose.

It is the case of Sebastian, for example. A senior cat, of about 12 or 13 years of age, sweet and gentle, that has been living on the street for at least nine years. Due to the error of his protector, that is certain, which has always been overzealous and cherishing a love that stole the possibility of Sebastian being adopted when he was young, when adoptions, although difficult, are still possible. 

When the case of Sebastian came to my attention, I tried to spread the word asking for a generous, for someone who could give the old Sebastian a comfortable life. Shares= 0 and responses also nil.

There's always the same problem. There are more people abandoning than adopting. There is a profound selfishness and individualism in our people. There is a lack of love for animals, too. But it's even worse. The intelligence of most people we meet is identical to that of a stone from the sidewalk. This leads to the need of a close follow up of the adoptions and that several times things don't go right for the animal, having to be taken away from the adopters.

Basic and obvious things like preparing the house for the arrival of the animal are not met. The feeding bowl is an old tupperware without cover and they don´t even buy a bed so that the animal does not have to sleep on the hard and cold ground. This is the result of how animals are seen by an excessive range of our uneducated and uncivilized people: it is just an animal, it is only a thing.

One particular adopter, who could even be worse than it is and with looks of second-rate Latino male, complains repeatedly about the money he has already spent with the the adopted pet. Because is the castration and the vaccines, imagine!, essential things to the health and well-being of the animal. But no, it sucks. It's not about the joy of sharing good times with the animal and receiving his unconditional affection and attention. None of that! That animal is not the companion who keeps us company and mitigates our loneliness… It's an expensive critter. But then why adopt? If it is not out of love, then why?

All relationships that we enter into in life must be based on love and friendship, whatever our species is.

I've been trough everything. Arrogant people, devoid of any feelings; people that are just plain stupid; rude people; deranged people,

But fortunately also smart people, caring people, wonderful people. People that respect animals, care for them and love them the way they deserve and need. They are people that consider a cat or a dog family and great friends. Generous people adopting animals of difficult adoption: blind, amputees, old or asymptomatic carriers of diseases that can be fatal in a future uncertain. It is a shame that these are the minority.

In our backward country, people do not understand that there are rules and care for the adoption of an animal. Some even become scandalized when they know that there are interviews to potential adopters, that animals are delivered at their future home to confirm the existing conditions and that there is a follow-up to the adoption. The sad rule is the mindset of "I'm coming to choose a kitten". Nobody says is going to "choose a child”. The responsibility of having a pet is identical and that says it all. It's a living being that feels and suffers and that depends on us, on our love and our constant monitoring and attention. Isn't just that “thing” tied with a chain to a tree and to whom they give the remains of dinner.

But this is what's going on with the ordinary cats and dogs whose lovable photographs are published over and over again by the same sensitive people, at the social networks, receiving only indifference are not even being shared. It is social networks, my friends. The shares are important so that the information reaches as many people as possible, because somewhere there might be a good adopter for that animal.

And this brings me to the elitist sensibility of the people in general. I shared a little puppy of Yorkshire breed found lost or abandoned, which is not known. I believe he was lost, because was dressed with a knitted vest. The person who collected the dog refused to leave any contact and said she would deliver him to the pound. I do not remember ever having so many shares because of an animal, nor  having so many people saying “I will keep him”, even without knowing if he was just lost or not.

The same phenomenon happens with the grey kittens, called "blue", which despite being simple Common European are very similar to cats of breed such as Russian Blue, Chartreux or Korat. Whenever a kitten like that is imparted the most varied contacts start pouring from the most varied idiots who love to have kittens to match with their home decor. So wake up, because a beautiful black cat goes well in any decor, there is nothing more elegant ... but they are always left to the end of the list, ignored, chased out and rejected.

One day, perhaps, we will become a cult people, intelligent and evolved. After all, I still believe hope is the last to die ...

Filomena Marta















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