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Director: Filomena Marta
Periodicidade: Semanal



Statutes Pet Courrier

PET Courrier takes commitment to ensure respect for ethical principles and the professional ethics of journalists, as well as the good faith of readers.

Pet Courrier is free, but is not impartial. Always defends the animal's point of view, by their helpless and fragile condition.

Pet Courrier acts in the field of prevention and denunciation of cruelty against animals and defending Animal Rights.

Pet Courrier is apolitical, independent and above any political party.

Pet Courrier is not politically correct and will not surrogate relevant information for a given question to comply with the right of private, political or business interests.

Pet Courrier does not follow the orthographic agreement (AO90) out of respect for the Portuguese language.

Pet Courrier hears all parties involved, whenever available to provide clarifications and explanations. In the case of refusal or lack of availability and willingness of any of the parties to comment, the news will be published indicating that factor, but always ensuring the best interest of the animals.

Pet Courrier reserves the confidentiality of sources, not revealing their sources of information.

Pet Courrier investigates the information presented, regardless of the source's credibility.

Pet Courrier reserves the right for contradictory when a present performance of a given public figure opposes prior attitudes or contrary opinions,  trying whenever possible to confront that person with the given contradiction.

Pet Courrier does not consider acts of abuse and cruelty as private, but will never transmit data and personal images that may put in risk the physical integrity of the offenders.

Pet Courrier acts with respect for the Law, but questioning, whenever required, the correction of the Law and the activities of the competent authorities, whether governmental, Security Forces or of Animal Protection Associations.

Pet Courrier analyzes, investigates, informs, educates and sensitizes, whenever possible.

Pet Courrier analyzes and disseminates as evidence any images that may have been taken secretly, since relevant to the identification and proof of acts of abuse or cruelty to animals, whether from individuals or companies.

Pet Courrier considers it is important for the public domain the information and disclosure of acts of abuse and cruelty, as well as the acts of compassion and heroism.

Pet Courrier defends and follows the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights and endorses the Manifest of Cambridge, recognizing sentience to all mammals and birds.

Pet Courrier respects nature and all beings in it inserted, either there is already recognition of their sentience or not.

Journalists of the Pet Courrier are bound to be a voice for the animals, acting politely and with exemption, but always from the perspective of protection of the animals involved.

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