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Director: Filomena Marta
Periodicidade: Semanal

Mexico: street dogs at the wake



Mexican protector veiled by her protégées

by Filomena Marta

Says those who saw it that the dogs followed the funeral procession, entered the funeral and laid at the foot of the casket of their protector. The photographs were posted on Facebook and in no time the news became viral.
More than an example of canine fidelity, this case demonstrates the perception that animals have, all animals, of the world that surrounds them. The sentience of animals is not a myth and has already been accepted by scientists from various fields.


Australia: Living rabbits, piglets and possums used as bait


Greyhound racing cruelty

by Filomena Marta

Luxembourg bans fox hunting






About three thousand foxes killed per year

by Filomena Marta


When it was announced that Luxembourg would ban fox hunting there was unrest in the country, but also in other countries where fox hunting is allowed, and the decision has divided opinions.

Among those in favor are obviously the hunters, whose arguments were promptly dismissed by the Secretary of State of the Sustainability Ministry of Luxembourg, Camille Gira, with irrefutable facts of the dramatic decrease in the number of these gentle animals in that territory.

In 15 years more than half the population of foxes disappeared in Luxembourg. From 5802 foxes today only survive 2504, a decline of 57%..

For Camille Gira, member of the Green Party, "there is no objective reason" for hunting foxes.
The statements were given at a press conference on January 22, where the Secretary of State also said that killing foxes "has virtually no beneficial use " because they're not even used as food or clothing.

Hundreds of dead foxes are discarded after the hunts, where they only serve as target for a macabre entertainment.

All who claimed the rabies disease as an excuse for the slaughter were promptly recalled that this disease is eliminated in the Grand Duchy for over ten years.

For Camille Gira, in addition to all the reasons this is a true issue of animal welfare as well, noting that "it is wrong to kill around 3,000 of these gentle creatures a year and then discard them".

The Secretary of State insists that the guidelines of the Government would be important to promote a different way of dealing with the animals. "In an enlightened 21st century society, we, humans, are not the only creatures to have feelings and to feel pain," recalled Camille Gira.

The Luxembourg thus becomes the first country to ban fox hunting.

However, the Government intends to go further and in the future there will be a total ban on hunting in the Woods and forests between March 1 and April 15, being the wild boar hunt "in open land", meaning out of the forests, the only exception contemplated.




France: new breakthrough in animal rights



Animals already are considered living things

by Filomena Marta


The French National Assembly acknowledged yesterday, January 28, 2015, the quality of "living beings endowed with sensibility" of animals.

Although the Senate disagree and have rejected the diploma the previous week, the law examined yesterday was voted and approved definitively the amendment to the Civil Code, starting the animals being juridically considered "living beings endowed with sensitivity" in article 515-14.

The new status of animals in France may be the promise of a revolution in animal rights.
The discussion now is on the implementation and practical results of this law, which should encompass not only the pets, like cats and dogs, but extend to all animals exploited for human consumption or entertainment, such as cattle, battery chickens, the transport and slaughter of animals, bullfighting, etc.

This legal recognition may not have at this moment "practical consequences in the treatment of the animals," said the Organization L214-Éthique & Animaux, which considers that this amendment should "drive immediately to the prohibition of practices harmful to animals".
For now, it's more good news and a step in the right direction.


Photo: DR



2014: a new animal Holocaust in Nepal



The bloodbath of Gadhimai
by Filomena Marta

WARNING: this article contains actual images of animal slaughter at Gadhimai Festival of 2009, courtesy of Richard Plumadore.

The arithmetic is simple and brutal: to kill the largest possible number of animals in the shortest time, i.e. the time elapsing the bloodiest "festival" in the world. In just one month about half a million farm animals are brutally slaughtered, such as water buffaloes, pigs and goats, in “honor” of Gadhimai, the goddess of power.

A month to save the life of Beau


Dog sentenced to death for killing a duck

by Filomena Marta


It's called Beau, is a cross between a Golden Retriever with white German Shepherd, has two and a half years and was condemned to die today, 21 October, in Tennessee, United States. The Mayor of the town decided to ask for more 30 days due to the movement of thousands of people from the United States and other countries, calling for the dog not to be killed and to be returned to his owner.

Spain: Family rejects animal that played with Excalibur

Another dog victim of irrational fear

by Filomena Marta


In Spain seems to be becoming blatant that the irrational fear causes more victims than the Ebola virus.



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