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Director: Filomena Marta
Periodicidade: Semanal

Mexico: street dogs at the wake



Mexican protector veiled by her protégées

by Filomena Marta

Says those who saw it that the dogs followed the funeral procession, entered the funeral and laid at the foot of the casket of their protector. The photographs were posted on Facebook and in no time the news became viral.
More than an example of canine fidelity, this case demonstrates the perception that animals have, all animals, of the world that surrounds them. The sentience of animals is not a myth and has already been accepted by scientists from various fields.


Cambridge's Manifesto, signed by various experts, acknowledges that all mammals and birds have perception of life and death, of suffering, of joy and of sorrow. That is, animals feel and suffer, like us, humans. We are also animals, self-proclaimed rational, but in the end we are mammals whose major difference lies in our ability to interfere and change our habitat and, unfortunately, the habitat of all the species that inhabit the planet. It is said unfortunately, because the interference is generally evil and negative for the rest of the animals.

Margarita Suárez died on March 15 in Cuernavaca, in Mexico, away from home, where she was a protector of animals. Every day she fed 20 cats that went to her house to eat. Patricia Urrutia, the daughter, said in an interview to the Norte Digital every time her mother saw a dog on the street "that meant going back home to give him food."

During her lifetime, Margarita was known for her kindness to all animals and every morning she fed cats and dogs who gathered at her home. Moreover, Margarita was always carrying a bag of food, to be able to settle down a little the starvation of animals that would cross her way.


The case becomes even more extraordinary in that Margarita didn't die in the town where she lived and where she protected these animals. She lived with her daughter Patricia in Merida, in the Yucatan, but for health reasons had gone to the house of another daughter in Cuernavaca, where ten days later she died.

In the early hours of March 15 the dogs arrived at the funeral home where the body of Margarita was, to say goodbye to the woman who loved animals, and that had sheltered and fed them. "When the cortege arrived, the dogs were following at the back," explained a very touched Patricia Urrutia. The brother-in-law of Patricia even asked if the dogs were known in the area, but no one had ever seen them before.

It was three in the morning. The dogs sat in the mortuary house while they preparing the body of Margarita, greeting those who were present. When they brought the body, "the dogs raised as if they were at a party," said Urrutia.


The animals came back to lie down, and there remained until morning. At that time, all the dogs came out except one, that remained lying in the hallway. An hour later all the dogs returned.

Patricia, who sees in these dogs real angels, explained that twenty minutes before the body was taken for cremation "all dogs were gone as they had arrived, with a party. In the middle of the pain they played with joy, it was a wonderful thing."

The daughter of Margarita classifies this heartbreaking situation as wonderful and inexplicable. However, another inexplicable thing happened at 3: 30 in the morning, when a small bird entered the funeral, flew across the room and sang. The odd presence of the small bird inside a room and in the middle of the night was captured on video.

They say the protectors of animals have a special place in heaven, but in this case was sure that to her protégées she also had a special place on Earth.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Mirror, Misione Online, ABC
Photos: Facebook



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