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Director: Filomena Marta
Periodicidade: Semanal

Lisbon: cat thrown in Dumpster


Zoófila Union reveals case of extreme cruelty
by Filomena Marta

It was at this network of so many virtues and other many problems, called Facebook, that Union Zoófila (UZ) revealed a case of extreme cruelty towards a totally helpless animal. There was no physical aggression, it was even worse.


Azores: firefighters rescue dog


Heroes in Praia da Vitória

by Filomena Marta

The rescue team in Great angle of the volunteer firefighters of Praia da Vitória (BVPV), in the Azores, closed the month of March with a golden key, rescuing a dog trapped in a reservoir about four feet deep.




"The dog was found by a farmer in a wastewater tank of a already disabled WWTP, in the parish of São Sebastião", reported the special team of the BVPV.



How the dog ended up in a completely inaccessible location is a mystery, and the firemen have praised the actions of the farmer, which promptly triggered the means of relief.



The animal has been seen by a vet "and remains with one of the elements of the team" that is going to adopt her if the owner does not come forward.

This search-and-rescue team in Wide-angle is composed of 17 elements with Height Rescue training and every year carries out similar interventions.



This gesture of humanity and kindness gives high credit to this Azorean Corporation.









Dog of Judge Carlos Alexandre poisoned 



Bart murdered in the name of Justice

by Filomena Marta


If there was any doubt that the work of Charles Alexander, already nicknamed "Super judge", was being done properly and in the correct direction, is now proved that the judge is in fact putting the finger in many wounds and dealing with dangerous criminals. People for whom to kill is just a verb-to-fill.

Two weeks ago the dog Bart, who had been offered to Carlos Alexandre by the Attorney João Melo, was killed with rat poison, and it is assumed that the poisoned food was thrown into the backyard of the judge's House, where the animal was found. According to the news advanced by the newspaper Sol and by Observador, Bart still fought for life for about a week, but did not resist the poison.

The poisoning is a cruel crime, but it is often the most used resource by criminal and cowardly people, who just have to mix poison into food that is thrown to the animal, fleeing afterwards, without having to witness the terrible death that the animal is suffering.

In the specific case of Bart the crime goes further, to the extent that the killing of the dog is a threat to the life of the judge and his family. Carlos Alexandre had already received threats before, notably when there was a robbery at his home, where a gun was left over the picture of his children, and after that by an attempt of hit and run towards his wife.

Bart died in the name of Justice. He died in the name of the righteousness of his owner.

And the best revenge for Bart's death is that his owner does apply the law and apply Justice, so that criminals will not win.







Protector of animals dies in plane crash



Germanwings was carrying a "Godfather of flight"

by Filomena Marta


(Translation not proofread, but already available)


For a while some confusion arose in the middle of the protectors of animals following at least two news that indicated the deaths of five dogs, who also were aboard the flight from Germanwings, that crashed yesterday in the Alps and that left Barcelona bound for Germany.

One of the news attributed the information to the SOS Association Galgos, which promptly denied, noting that none of its protected animals followed on that flight. The information which had been advanced by the newspaper ABC included the story of a greyhound dog named Lola whose life was saved because a delay in their vaccination prevented follow on flight 4U9525.

In fact, the information that gave rise to this news was published in the blog CocoDiseño – SOS Animales, which ended up with the blocked access to the server by excess international cyber traffic. The blog received more than 261 thousand visitors in just eleven hours, getting the CocoDiseño prevented from accessing the blog and forced to update their information via their Facebook page.

The Association has amended the hand on the article that triggered the news, "To Dusseldorf (Germany) not only humans were flying" (currently inaccessible) and state that are in a position to confirm that the flight crashed was a sponsor of flight, not referring to their nationality. This "Godfather of flight" was supposed to accompanying a dog of the Asociación Lasa (La Sonrisa Animal), but the animal turned out to miss the flight.

Lasa confirms on their Facebook page that this young man was German and that of solidarity and voluntary form was Godfather functions of flight, having died in the tragedy that killed all occupants of the plane of Germawings.

"This young German, Godfather of flight, could have been the companion of one of our dogs, which has adoption in Germany," said Lasa in their statement."We've made contact with him and had contemplated the possibility of sending her on the flight that he was going to take to return to his country yesterday."

In fact, there was an error in the animal's vaccination which prevented her to follow on flight 4U9525, getting still waiting to move to Germany and to his new family, also with a godparent of flight. An error that would ultimately save her life, but not to her possible Godfather of flight, which followed his journey to death.

The dog was referenced by ABC and the Antenna 3  (which gave the news of the death of animals in the plane crash) as being the Greyhound breed and named Lola, which also does not correspond to the truth, the case before another animal. The Greyhound Lola will go to a host family in Barcelona.
Lasa stresses that "in tribute to the godfather of flight and to all persons who jointly offer to these functions" published some tweets on your Twitter account, simply of condolence to the families of the deceased persons and recognition for the work of the bridesmaids and groomsmen of flight, "without whose important role many excellent adoptions outside of Spain would not be possible "but never noting that traveled any animals at the bumpy flight. If the godfather of flight, which had offered their services also to other organizations, was accompanied by some animal is unknown and not confirmed by any Spanish Association.

In final note is due to stress that this kind of emotion is born of two realities: that the news of accidents and tragedies if they forget to mention the loss of life of non-human animals, relegating them to a strange invisibility and absence; and that the issues involving animals, contrary to what many may think, including the media, raise and move both people and the death of the passengers of flight4U9525.

Far above any quarrels about human or non-human life, in the end it all boils down to just a tragic truth: we all live, all have suffered, all bleed and we all die: Humans or non-humans.

Pet Courrier its condolences to let relatives and friends of those who died in this terrible accident, with a particular mention to the young flight sponsor, whose name we do not know, for your special generosity.




Funchal prohibits circuses with animals



Madeira Island gives lesson in animal protection to the Mainland
by Filomena Marta

In a country where circus’ animals were excluded from the law that criminalizes animal maltreatment, which came into force on October 1, 2014, the city of Funchal gives a lesson in animal protection and joins dozens of world cities that already have banned the display of animals in circuses.

Viseu: GNR saves horse in dam



Routine round ends in rescue operation
by Filomena Marta

It was 10 o'clock in the morning of 26 September and the military of the Special Programs’ Section of the Territorial Detachment of Mangualde went to the dam of Fagilde, in Penalva do Castelo. There was no mission intended and the military just wanted to study the location for a future activity of their Department.

Firefighters of Loures save dogs 




An exciting rescue
by Filomena Marta (with Luís Nunes)

It was a morning that appeared to be normal, but the days are never normal for firefighters. It was a Monday in Loures, district of Lisbon, and another event would mark the lives of the Peace Angels from that location. It was October 20, 2014.



Rescue Animal Videos


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