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Director: Filomena Marta
Periodicidade: Semanal

Fund in Support of Animal Particular Protectors

Is in the process of creating and developing the FAPPA - the fund in support of Private Protectors of Animals, a nonprofit organization based on solidarity and whose purpose will be to support the private protectors of animals (PPA) with veterinary services. The PPA are people who privately and without support of associations rescue stray and/or abandoned animals, treating them, protecting them and placing them in the circuit of adoptions.

The PPAs have not any aid nor can do fundraising, whether by public collection or through food gathering activities. All expenses are supported particularly, from their own salaries.

Despite the fact that these protectors also care for animals living on the streets, dogs or cats colonies, feeding them and treating them when necessary, the biggest problem lies in veterinary treatments to sick and/or wounded animals, or for sterilizations.

The sterilizations are made both in animals that are returned to their environment, to the places from where they were removed, or for those that follow up for adoption, depending on their level of gentleness. In the first case it is a CNR action (Capture, Neuter, Return), very important to keep the numbers of animals in colonies stable, ending pregnancies, and to enhance the State of health of the animals themselves, which are less exposed to diseases potentially transmitted sexually and by fighting. In the case of animals that follow for adoption the neutering guarantees that there will be no unwanted litters and less likelihood of behavioral problems. In both cases the risk of developing cancers decreases by 90% and, in the case of females, the risk of infections in the uterus disappears.

Once all the procedures are completed it will be open a bank account on behalf of FAPPA, where donations can be made, without limit, depending on individual will of the patron. This account will be used for payment of treatments and animal sterilizations in veterinary clinics and hospitals, upon registration of the protectors in a database, with confirmation of his condition of guardians on the part of veterinary doctors.
Soon the FAPPA will be here ... counting on you.

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