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Director: Filomena Marta
Periodicidade: Semanal

Dog of Judge Carlos Alexandre poisoned 



Bart murdered in the name of Justice

by Filomena Marta


If there was any doubt that the work of Charles Alexander, already nicknamed "Super judge", was being done properly and in the correct direction, is now proved that the judge is in fact putting the finger in many wounds and dealing with dangerous criminals. People for whom to kill is just a verb-to-fill.

Two weeks ago the dog Bart, who had been offered to Carlos Alexandre by the Attorney João Melo, was killed with rat poison, and it is assumed that the poisoned food was thrown into the backyard of the judge's House, where the animal was found. According to the news advanced by the newspaper Sol and by Observador, Bart still fought for life for about a week, but did not resist the poison.

The poisoning is a cruel crime, but it is often the most used resource by criminal and cowardly people, who just have to mix poison into food that is thrown to the animal, fleeing afterwards, without having to witness the terrible death that the animal is suffering.

In the specific case of Bart the crime goes further, to the extent that the killing of the dog is a threat to the life of the judge and his family. Carlos Alexandre had already received threats before, notably when there was a robbery at his home, where a gun was left over the picture of his children, and after that by an attempt of hit and run towards his wife.

Bart died in the name of Justice. He died in the name of the righteousness of his owner.

And the best revenge for Bart's death is that his owner does apply the law and apply Justice, so that criminals will not win.







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