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Director: Filomena Marta
Periodicidade: Semanal

Azores: firefighters rescue dog


Heroes in Praia da Vitória

by Filomena Marta

The rescue team in Great angle of the volunteer firefighters of Praia da Vitória (BVPV), in the Azores, closed the month of March with a golden key, rescuing a dog trapped in a reservoir about four feet deep.




"The dog was found by a farmer in a wastewater tank of a already disabled WWTP, in the parish of São Sebastião", reported the special team of the BVPV.



How the dog ended up in a completely inaccessible location is a mystery, and the firemen have praised the actions of the farmer, which promptly triggered the means of relief.



The animal has been seen by a vet "and remains with one of the elements of the team" that is going to adopt her if the owner does not come forward.

This search-and-rescue team in Wide-angle is composed of 17 elements with Height Rescue training and every year carries out similar interventions.



This gesture of humanity and kindness gives high credit to this Azorean Corporation.









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