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Director: Filomena Marta
Periodicidade: Semanal

Lisbon: cat thrown in Dumpster


Zoófila Union reveals case of extreme cruelty
by Filomena Marta

It was at this network of so many virtues and other many problems, called Facebook, that Union Zoófila (UZ) revealed a case of extreme cruelty towards a totally helpless animal. There was no physical aggression, it was even worse.

According to the text of UZ, two employees of municipal waste collecting arrived at the animal protection institution with a cat carrier. In it you could see at the bottom two terrified eyes. It was a cat, but it wasn't just any cat. It was the victim of a hard to imagine cruelty.
Chamber officials made the garbage collection. By chance, looking inside one of the containers, they noticed on the existence of a carrier commonly used  for the transport of cats, among the garbage. By the grace of some superior force, they decided to withdraw the carrier to examine it and in it they saw a cat, beautiful and alive.
If it weren't for the attention of these men, the carrier, with a live and terrified cat, would end up in the garbage truck, where it would be crushed.
Trying to analyze rationally a situation like this is really something impossible. What happens in the mind of a person who puts his cat, adult (so who lived with you for many months), in a carrier, heads to a dumpster and dumps inside the carrier with the cat?! Obviously knowing that the container would be dumped into a truck, that would grind and compress the trash, as well as the carrier with a cat alive inside. Apart from the fact that there is a clear failure to create emotional ties with a living being that shared his life with his caretaker for many months, this reveals a complete lack of character, compassion, feelings and the most basic emotion.
People who commit crimes like this, and reveal such a level of cruelty and coldness, are obviously extremely dangerous individuals to society, because they are able to exercise the same cruelty and coldness against a child, an elderly person or a weak and helpless person. For these people life has no value.
This happened in the middle of Lisbon, the capital of a civilised country.
The cat is now under the protection of Zoófila Union and, after recovering from all this cruelty and scare, will need real human beings that may provide her a home for life.




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