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Director: Filomena Marta
Periodicidade: Semanal

Filomena Marta

Born in 1963, she attended the Law School of Lisbon, made the Cinema Direction course by COPRAI and decided to embrace the passion for journalism, graduating in the General Course of CENJOR. Is a translator for more than 30 years, having been also translator of Information at SIC television for several years.

After some time away from journalism, but always in contact with the media due to the her Press Office relations, she surrendered to the fact that her great love was writing, journalism and information.

As active protector of animals, especially cats, and unwavering defender of animal rights, she found herself repeatedly confronted with the harsh reality of the fragility of the animals in the world and the scourge of maltreatment and cruelty to animals. So, the desire to give voice to the animals was born, using her best weapon: writing.

She first created her personal Website, Anima Sentiens, of chronicles covering society and politics, but with a strong awareness for animal rights. Later, she started drawing a draft of a personal project, left standing by for two years, and that finally, in 2014, saw the light of day in the form of a Website: PET Courrier, a central of information on animal issues, was born.



Why are we meticulous about adoptions?


Why are we meticulous about adoptions?
by Filomena Marta


BEFORE- 24th July 2014





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