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Director: Filomena Marta
Periodicidade: Semanal

Blind kittens in Carcavelos



Three very tiny babies, about 3 weeks old, need very special owners, because they are blind.

Blind animals learn to do all their normal life, they like to play and like to cuddle, like any other animal that doesn’t have their limitations. 

Just take care not to move things at home and be more careful when getting closer, because they can't see, but their hearing will learn to compensate for blindness.

They are in Carcavelos with Mrs. Carolina.

Contact: 91 695 82 51




Blind kittens in Amadora


Two blind babies of 2 months

Need sweet and caring adopters




Blind animals learn to do all their normal life and will be as happy as any other kitten. They just need time to learn to know your home.

The only care that you need to have is not to change your environment, not to change things and move furniture so they don't lose track of the space.

The perfect thing is to have the company of a cat or kitten with vision, which can become their eyes and guide them in their lives.

Like any other kitten these sweet babies deserves a chance to be happy.

They are in the area of Amadora.

Protector: Rafeiro SOS

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Valentino, a very special cat



Valentino, a very special cat


Life hasn’t always been kind to this handsome Tiger fur. Valentino does not have an eye, which does not spoil its charm, and is positive for FELV. This means that he has to be an only child, because the virus FELV is contagious to other cats that are not vaccinated, although it is possible to join Valentino with a cat vaccinated against FELV.

Valentino is nice, but sometimes he gets excited and gives some nibbles. Nothing special, it's just over enthusiasm.

Can you give the opportunity of a happy life to this charming cat?

Contact the Veterinary Clinic "O Refúgio da Bicharada", in Carcavelos, through 21 456 90 09.

Remember that adopting an animal is a responsibility for a life time.




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