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Carla Cosmelli Guerra


Veterinarian, owner and Clinical Director of the veterinary clinic O Refúgio da Bicharada, Carla Cosmelli Guerra graduated in veterinary medicine at the Faculty of veterinary medicine of Lisbon.

Throughout her career she has deepened her knowledge in Feline Medicine, a field she particularly likes, having already observed and treated hundreds of cats. Her clinical practice and experience with cats allows her to be part today of the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM).

Carla Guerra has been dedicated to the study of homeopathy also applied to animals with good results in the treatment of several physical and behavioral pathologies (eg, fear or aggression) in cats and dogs. Homeopathy is one of the disciplines of alternative medicines and its therapeutic method is based on the principle "the similar cures similar", i.e. the same agent that cause the symptoms in a healthy individual also cures the disease with these same symptoms. Therefore, homeopathy is the treatment by administration of natural highly diluted substances that in a healthy and asymptomatic individual, when undiluted, cause similar symptoms to those we wish to treat.

Carla Cosmelli Guerra makes diagnosis, treatment, surgery, intensive care and observation.

Demystifying toxoplasmosis



Demystifying toxoplasmosis
by Carla Cosmelli Guerra (Dr.)

Even today, despite the amount of information available, many women who conceive seek to get rid of their cats, many of them pet companions for many years. The fault for this is the myth built around a disease called toxoplasmosis, whose guilt is attributed essentially to cats. It is important to demystify the toxo plasmosis, for the sake of women and these small and friendly animals.




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